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Richard Greene brings to photography a unique personal history. As a trained classical violinist and Bluegrass Fiddle Master his career as a touring musician, recording artist and educator spanned non-stop from 1960 to 2013. All of his life starting as a young teenager he has been obsessed with photography, from bathroom/darkroom 2¼ x 2¼ black and white and color film to today’s digital revolution. Richard's four primary musical goals have always been expression, innovation, technique and composition. In applying exactly these same intentions to his photography he finds that musical and photographic composition are quite the same, both depend entirely on the artistic placement of available or sometimes imaginary elements. The creation of both music and photography starts before using the instrument, both start with seeing.

     Every image on this website has been printed before uploaded as a form of quality control.  Email below for pricing or questions.

Contact:  Richard Greene Productions, 6234 Rockcliff Drive, L.A., CA 90068, (323) 469-2087

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